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Day 1July 15th (Sat)
Singles Tournament International Singles Consolation Match Event (Doubles) Consolation Match Event (Trios)
Day 2July 16th (Sun)
Internation Team Match Internation Team Match Consolation Match Event (Trios) Consolation Match Event (Gallon)

· International Singles / Internation Team Match is limited to the selected representative (team) of each country.

· 1st Day, Duplicate participation for Singles & International Singles is not allowed.

· 2nd Day, Duplicate participation for Doubles & International Team Match is not allowed.

· Consolation event (Doubles / Trios / Gallons) will be held on-site a first-come, first-served basis for players who were eliminated from their tournament.

INTERNATIONAL TEAM MATCH The 'International Team Match' is a competition to determine the world's strongest dart team. Players from around the world who have competed in Phoenix Official League (POL) in their country and qualified for this opportunity will gather in Korea to compete with each other.
Teams made up of 4~8 players compete in 01 and Cricket games and others, in Singles, Doubles and Gallon formats. Because the league is run under a team format and lasts for four months, it emphasizes teamwork, which has the effect of strengthening friendships among teammates.
The purpose of this competition is to gather league champions from each country to forge new friendships and encourage the growth of the game of darts worldwide. The international team match is the highlight of the K-Darts Festival.

INTERNATIONAL SINGLES The love for darts has no borders. High-level players travel often to compete in tournaments and make new friends all around the world, but players of all levels can also enjoy the experience of an international competition by joining a division of their skill level.
‘International Singles’ is an individual competition where international players participating in the K-Darts Festival and Korean club players can compete together. These are players who have already competed in qualifiers in their respective countries or have been selected through promotions.
Even if it is an individual competition, the desire of the players to protect the pride and honor of their respective countries will be fierce. In particular, the International Singles, where men and women will compete under equal conditions. Darts is a sport of equality that does not discriminate or exclude people on the grounds of race, nationality, gender, or physical condition.