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Competition Rules and Recommendations

Competition Rules
  1. 1.Qualification for participation
    1. A.Participants acknowledged by K-DARTS FESTIVAL (KDA).
    2. B.Participants who meet the conditions required to participate in the game according to the K-DARTS FESTIVAL (KDA) competition regulations
    3. C.A member of the Phoenixdarts and a Phoenix Club card holder On-site registration is not allowed, and dealers and players of other machines are restricted from participating. However, players selected as national representatives in specific competitions such as leagues are an exception
  2. 2.Match Format
    1. A.The preliminaries are round robin / finals and the final tournament is single elimination.
    2. B.Preliminary round-robin groups will be determined through a computerized random draw prior to the competition.
    3. C.The finals will proceed by applying a set template according to the group ranking.
  3. 3.Registration for participation
    1. A.Check your information when registering for the competition and be sure to write your real name.
    2. B.You can participate in the competition only when you have paid the entry fee for the competition.
    3. C.If the payment of the entry fee is not completed at the time of application, participation application will not be accepted.
      • -Full refund for cancellation before the application period ends, participation fee is non-refundable for cancellation after the application period ends.
    4. D.When the participant completes the participation registration, it is regarded as having agreed to the K-DARTS FESTIVAL (KDA) competition rules.
    5. E.The K-DARTS FESTIVAL (KDA) Control Center may reject participants at any stage of the competition.
    6. F.The criteria for participating divisions and ratings are applied at the time of application for participation.
    7. G.When participating, the record of one's account must have more than a certain number of game records 3 months before the time of participation. If there is no record, it will be regarded as an illegal participant and the prize may be cancelled.
    8. H.It is not permitted for any reason to have a proxy appear in the name of a participant.If caught, both the applicant and his or her representative will be disqualified and will be suspended from participating for more than one year.
    9. I.The ticket to participate in the event that has been submitted cannot be sold or transferred to another person.
  4. 4.Confirmation of participation
    1. A.Participant should confirm the participation within the given time.
    2. B.In case of more than one third of the participants failing the confirmation due to natural disasters and other similar incidents, K-DARTS FESTIVAL (KDA) Control Center may decide to postpone the competition.
    3. C.If a participants fails to provide a proper indentification, the player may be disqualified.
  5. 5.Standby and match-calling
    1. A.If the opponent does not arrive by the match start time, the player must wait at the machine for 5 minutes. (Same case if all participants are absent)
    2. B.If the opponent does not arrive after 5 minutes, the waiting player must request tournament staff to call for the absent player(s).
    3. C.The Control Center will call for the absent player(s) three times. The absent player(s) will be disqualified if they do not arrive within 5 minutes of the last call.
  6. 6.Game progress
    1. A.After the game begins, only the players involved in the game are allowed in the game zone. The game zone refers to the space between the machine and the table. The only exception is for tournament officials entering the zone to resolve machine technical issues, etc.
    2. B.Players must give their opponents enough space to throw and not disturb them during their turn.
    3. C.If players throw in the incorrect order, the leg becomes valid from the moment that the opponent throws the first dart. Afterwards, the legs proceeds based on the original order.
  7. 7.Game formats
    1. A.301 and 501 games consist of 10 rounds.
    2. B.701 and Cricket games consist of 15 rounds.
    3. C.901 games consists of 20 rounds.
    4. D.Half-it games consists of 9 rounds.
    5. E.Choice game is either 01 game or Cricket.
  8. 8.Deciding the order
    1. A.In the first leg of each match, the first throw player is decided through a diddle after the coin toss.
    2. B.In the second leg, the player who lost in the previous leg throws first. (Same applies to all 5 sets)
    3. C.In the last leg, the first throw player is determined through the diddle after the coin toss.
    4. D.If the last leg is a CHOICE, the player can decide either throw first or pick the game type after the diddle(after the coin toss).
    5. E.Deciding who throws first within a team before the leg starts is unrelated to the diddle progress. However, you cannot change who throws first within a team once a leg begins.
  9. 9.Decision of victory or defeat (for all divisions)
    1. A.If the winner is not determined within the round limits, the conditions below apply.
      1. 1.01 Game
        1. After the leg ends, the player (team) with a lower remaining score wins
        2. If the scores are tied, the player (team) who has thrown first wins
      2. 2.CRICKET
        1. After the leg ends, the player (team) with a higher score wins
        2. If the scores are tied, the player (team) with a higher MPR wins
        3. If MPRs are same, the player (team) who has thrown first wins
  10. 10.Practice
    1. A.Practicing before the match is limited to 6 darts per person on the machine that the match is held on.
    2. B.If staff determine the match to be paused temporarily, practicing is allowed.
      1. 1.Practice throws are allowed if
        The machine that the match is played on must be changed due to technical issues, etc.
      2. 2.Practice throws are prohibited if
        In case there is need of error correction in target out zone.
        In case there is need of machine operation to fix the first throw.
  11. 11.Recording Scores
    1. A.The winner records victory or defeat.
    2. B.Machine error can be fixed if there is agreement between the participants and confirmation from the staff.
    3. C.What the machine registers has the priority for valid scoring. Therefore, the below cases are accepted as valid scoring.
      1. 1.The machine records a score when a dart hits another dart already stuck on the target
      2. 2.The machine records a score when a dart hit the target but did not stick
      3. 3.The machine records a score when a tip is stuck on the board, but the barrel falls off
  12. 12.Preliminary matches (Round robin)
    1. A.Preliminary matches (Round robin) proceed with 4 to 6 players in each match.
    2. B.Participants proceed with the matches according to the round robin based on the announcement of the draw for groups.
    3. C.Participants must check their names.
    4. D.After checking all of the participants in each group, the matches progress according to the order listed in the round robin.
    5. E.If there is any absent/disqualified player before starting the matches, the Control Center make corrections.
    6. F.The winner records the results of the preliminary matches (round robin), and the loser confirms.
    7. G.The winner of the game is disqualified if they are omitted from the round robin.
    8. H.Participants must check the results recorded by the winner after the end of each match.
    9. I.If submitted without request for inspection, the submitted records are reflected in the results as is.
    10. J.If a participant is disqualified or withdraws while there are remaining matches, all the matches conducted with that participant will be excluded (invalid). The rankings will be determined only according to the matches played among the remaining participants.
    11. K.The winner of the matches records the victory and defeat of the round robin, and the loser must confirm. Once the round robin is submitted to the Control Center, the results cannot be changed even if they are incorrect.
    12. L.When all matches in the round robin are finished, participants should request for inspection to the staff before submitting.
    13. M.For the groups in which players are disqualified during the preliminary matches, Control Center judge the victory or defeat.
    14. N.Rules for determining the ranks among ties in round robin
      1. Number of sets won ↑
      2. Number of sets lost ↓
      3. Number of legs won ↑
      4. Number of legs lost ↓
      5. Head-to-head
      6. Count-Up ↑
  13. 13.Finals/Playoffs tournament (Single elimination)
    1. A.The Control Center draws up the finals bracket and finals match card list and discloses it to the participants.
    2. B.Participants must check whether they have qualified to advance, and the finals bracket. If there is an error in the finals bracket, it can be modified once reported by a participant.
    3. C.If an error on the finals brackets, etc. is found after the playoffs begin, it may not be modified if Control Center determines that it is impossible to change it due to time constraint.
  14. 14.Match cards
    1. A.Match cards are distributed by the Control Center, and are applied to the finals/playoffs.
    2. B.When the announcement for starting the matches for each division is made, participants receive the match card, and move to the relevant machine.
    3. C.When participants gather to the designated machine, participants make sure the correct opponent is present before starting the match.
    4. D.If the opponent is not present, you should request the staff for the call.
    5. E.Participants must check the match card after each match is over.
    6. F.If there is an error, it can be modified once reported by a participant. If everything is confirmed, the winner submits the match card to the Control Center.
    7. G.If there is an error even after it is checked by a participant, it may remain unmodified if the Control Center determines that it cannot be changed due to time constraint.
    8. H.If there is an error because the participants fail to check, it will be conducted without modifications. (It can be changed if agreed among players.)
  15. 15.Technical issues of machines.
    1. A.If the match is discontinued due to power failure or technical issues, the staff will reset the score records. If it cannot be reset, Control Center will give relevant directions.
    2. B.If it is impossible to reset, the leg will start over from the beginning.
  16. 16.Throwing method
    1. A.All darts are thrown with one hand, one dart at a time.
    2. B.Three darts can be thrown in one round. Doing so is considered as ‘one throw’.
    3. C.If a game can and does end with less than two darts, the third dart does not have to be thrown.
    4. D.Within a game, each participants are to take turns to throw.
    5. E.Darts must be thrown from behind the oche. When players throw on the left and right at the same time, they should throw from behind the oche extension line.
    6. F.Players must not pass the throw line within the game zone.
    7. G.Players must not be in the throwing posture until the opponent has removed all darts from the target and returned to the back of the throw line. If a player gets two cautions from the staff within one game, it is regarded as one warning.
    8. H.Scores made with the foot in front of the throw line are invalid. If this occurs, the opponent must report to the staff. The staff can give a warning for the first time, and disqualify the participant if it happens more than twice.
    9. I.Pretending to throw in a setup posture is prohibited.A setup posture refers to the condition in which the center foot of the stance is in the position, ready to throw.If you get two cautions from the staff within one game, it is regarded as one warning.
  17. 17.Conduct
    1. A.Participants who fail to complete a game may lose the right to receive an award.
    2. B.If the staff judges that a participant’s behavior and conduct are problematic, it must be immediately reported to the Control Center for resolution.
    3. C.If the Control Center determines that the participant's behavior cannot be excused, the participant will be disqualified immediately without prior warning.
    4. D.Only the players participating in the match may enter the game zone.
    5. E.If a participant is deemed to be hurting or disturbing others (ex: singing loudly, excessively intoxicated, verbal abuse, etc.) they will be disqualified and asked to leave.
    6. F.Avoid loud cheers and jeers that disturb the matches.
    7. G.Even during the break where there is no match being conducted, you must pay attention to the Control Center announcements at all times.
    8. H.The host may take emergency measures for injuries and accidents that arise due to carelessness during the competition, but will not be responsible for anything else whatsoever.
    9. I.You must throw away personal trash during and after the competition.
    10. J.Based on their independent judgment, the Control Center of the competition have the right to exclude participants that ruin the atmosphere of the competition or disrupt the progress, or have the potential to do so. Such participants will be disqualified from the competition, and may also be limited from participating in future events and competitions.
    11. K.Disqualified participants lose the right to receive an award, and may face limitations in participating in future competitions.
  18. 18.Violation of rules and disciplinary actions
    1. A.Control Center and the staff have the right to give cautions and warnings to participants.
    2. B.Two cautions are regarded as one warning.
    3. C.If you get two warnings, you are immediately disqualified.
    4. D.Control Center and the staff of the K-DARTS FESTIVAL (KDA) have the right to disqualify or take disciplinary action to all participants that have violated or caused damage to the competition, based on their determination.
    5. E.Participants take part in the competition on their own will, and do not hold Control Center and the staff of the K-DARTS FESTIVAL (KDA) responsible for any damage that may arise.
    6. F.The staff of the K-DARTS FESTIVAL (KDA) can disqualify a participant that has violated the rules at any time.
    7. G.Illegal participants
      • -In the cases mentioned below, the participant bears all costs for participating in the competition, and awards may be canceled. Furthermore, the relevant home shop for illegal participants may be disclosed.
        1. Participant’s rating is higher than the participant’s division
        2. Participant’s game records in their account for the previous three months do not satisfy the standards
        3. Participant lies about their rating with multiple accounts or cards (Another person using the participant’s card is not accepted either.)
  19. 19.Prizewinning
    1. A.Prize money and trophy will be awarded to the participant that achieves the designated rank.
    2. B.If a participant is absent to the award ceremony without permission from K-DARTS FESTIVAL (KDA), it is regarded that one has given up all rights related to the award (everything that is awarded to the prizewinner).
    3. C.If prizewinners in each division do not follow the proper procedures for receiving the prize money on the day of the competition, it will not be awarded.
      • -Receive medal
      • -Take a photo
      • -Fill out prize money receipt
    4. D.If a participant’s account does not have over a certain number of games before three months prior to the competition, the award may be rejected.
    5. E.If personal information and account number written in the prize money receipt are not clear, payment of prize money may be delayed.
  • -Please turn off your cellphone or put it on a vibration mode so it doesn’t disturb other players.
  • -Please refrain from loud cheering or booing in a manner that causes disturbance.
  • -Please notify where you go to your team partners whenever you are leaving the site and please avoid leaving the tournament hall for a long time.
  • -Please pay attention to announcements from the Control Center at all times even if there are no scheduled matches.
  • -Any valuable personal items must be stay with you at all times. The organizer is not responsible for loss or theft.
  • -No smoking in the tournament hall. Smoking is allowed at the designated area outside the tournament hall.
  • -No outside food allowed in the tournament hall. No pets are allowed.
  • -No outside food and alcohol allowed. (Songdo Convensia Rule) Sondo Convensia staffs hold the right to expel those who violate their rules. The organizer is not responsible for that.
  • -Please dispose your waste properly during the festival.
Notice on filming and reporting in the event hall
  • -Filming, broadcasting and reporting are allowed only for recognized medias under the control of the hosts throughout the event hall. Accordingly, as for the photographs and videos, which are the portrait works created by the photograph and video (including voice) filming of all customers entering the event hall, the hosts have the right of likeness (right to refuse disclosure and right of commercial appropriation), and the hosts have the right to use all portrait works commercially.
  • -Accordingly, the portraits film in the event hall may be permanently used in their originals or edited forms in live TV broadcasting, videos for event notification and PR, printouts, outdoor and digital advertising, other PR, web and mobile channels of the hosts, and the likeness of customers may appear in them. You are kindly informed that this notice has legal force, and it is controlled by law.